Anointed One

Anointed One

My Primary Portfolio Project

Notice: This game is currently in the Alpha stage of production - not everything is working, and you need a high resolution display - 2048 x 1280 if you've got it. I know my 2019 MacBook Pro can handle it, so a new-ish desktop system should as well. You will have to give the app permissions to run and to access your Documents folder. It comes in a .zip archive. See the carousel or scroll to the bottom of the page for download buttons.

a small video game screenshot of a locked door

Biblical Environment Interactions

For example, there are a number of locked doors in different levels, which can be unlocked with the "Keys to the Kingdom"

a small video game screenshot of the user interface

Classic RPG User Interface

For example, you can worship, you can set up camp, you can evangelize, you can go fishing, etc!

a small video game screenshot of the player encountering an NPC

Interact with Characters

You can start a conversation with an in-game character like Fiona Lockett.

Built-In KJV Bible Search Available when you find a Bible Codex

Allows you to search for key words that unlock features in the game, like unlocking doors with the Keys to the Kingdom. Until you find a Bible, you rely on finding Scripture Scrolls which you can memorize to keep them from taking over your inventory. Most of the verses you need early in the game are found on Scrolls.

video game screenshot of Bible Search function

You can do anything... at ZOMBO.COM! No, seriously:

You can do a lot of different things in Anointed One, from the use of Spiritual Gifts, to Special Abilities given by your Anointing, to abilities in your profession of choice, you can keep an inventory of useful items as shown, you can go on adventures (like quests), and interact with NPCs in various ways.

video game screenshot of inventory panel

Interact with in-game characters. Pray. Give. Love.

You can interact with NPCs through a conversation interface, in which you have different possibilities for how you can help others. For example, if you have the gift of giving you can bless a gift of water to Fiona, and she will heal. You can pray for her, you can apply the Gift of Physical Healing, you can find her a doctor, etc.

video game screenshot of NPC interaction

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