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Jacob Daniel Jackson

I'm an ENFP-T, which stands for Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving - Turbulent, also known as "The (Turbulent) Campaigner" Which means I'm the most introverted of all extroverts, and I value creativity, energy, and enthusiasm. I'm very independent and a lifelong learner. I also value deep, meaningful relationships. My current favorite Adage is Dance Love Sing Live. I have a strong background in computer programming - I've been coding for over 30 years (since elementary school) and have created a variety of software programs and websites over the years, including but not limited to an adventure RPG video game on the TI-89 Graphing Calculator, a Mandlebrot fractal graphing app on Mac & TI-89, a Tracker/MOD Music Player for the Mac, a DNA to mRNA to tRNA to Amino Acid Chain Translator for the Mac & TI-89, a soon-to-be-released app for the App Store called Life Management, and websites like and


I am 38 years old.

I am 5'4" tall

I have hazel-green eyes

I have brown hair, with black & red in my beard

Citizenship & Location

I am a United States Citizen, and I was born and raised and currently reside in Madison, WI

Madison, WI USA

Italian, Greek, German, Norwegian, Egyptian, Arab, Levantine, and traces of Northern Chinese & Tibetan

Current Project

An app for the Apple App Store called Life Management - an app that takes you from your Life Vision, through your Assets, your Dreams, setting goals to achieve those dreams, creating an Action Plan for each goal, and finally scheduling your time according to those Action Plans.
Current Job

Freelance Ministry, Web and iOS Development
Current Class

London App Brewery Udemy Course on iOS Development in Xcode. I purchased this class a couple years ago so it's a little bit dated but mostly everything is the same.
Most Recent Role

Sasha, in "Fiddler on the Roof" - including getting Fyedka drunk and a vocal solo: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah... Za va shas da rovia, heaven bless you both nazdrovia, to your health and may we live together in peace! May you both be favored with the future of your choice, may you live to see a thousand reasons to rejoice!" in the song "To Life!" and a toe-touch off the bar and lots of dancing! This YouYube video is NOT of me, but it gives you the idea of the solo.


Favorite Adage

Dance Love Sing Live! - I'm a singer/dancer and a lover in life and I want to live an abundant life!!!

Image of a framed adage, dance love sing live.

Robotics and Microcontroller Programming, Trying Out New Coffee Drinks and New Restaurants, Reading, Bicycling, Going for Long Walks (5mi+), Journaling, Cooking, Dancing, Outdoor Adventures, Traveling


Varsity Volleyball and Freshman Tennis in High School, and Coxswain on Crew Team at UW-Madison

UW Crew
Ministry Activities

I sing in my church worship band, I run slides/lyrics some Sundays, sometimes I read the scripture for the day, I pray on the prayer team as well. I also pray on the prayer team for Impact Ministries International. Sometimes I receive prophecies from the Lord, and sometimes people are healed when I pray over them!

Singing & Prayer